LACO, Inc. is an electromechanical contract manufacturer that supports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through the production of electronic components, complex wire harness assemblies, circuit boards, and much more. When you partner with LACO, you stand to benefit from our streamlined processes, state-of-the-art equipment, and extensive electromechanical knowledge.

Lead times

Lead times.

Established customers that have processes and inventory in place can expect lead times of 1–10 business days based on the project type. For new customers, lead times depend on the extent of the project, which may include additional time for document review, data transfer and validation, material lead times, first article approval, process optimization, packaging, and delivery requirements. Our current average lead time for new projects is 4–6 weeks.

Production Volumes

Production Volumes.

We work in volumes of all sizes, from prototypes to full production runs. No project is too big.

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey solutions.

We strive to offer turnkey cable assembly and sub-assembly solutions, even for extraordinarily complex assemblies. We are committed to becoming your single-source supplier for your electrical systems. We rely on automated tooling and thorough testing to ensure each product functions optimally before it leaves our facility.

LACO’s customer base consists of OEMs found in all parts of today’s technology spectrum. Providing customers with quality services on a quick-turn and competitive basis allows us to remain the preferred choice of countless companies in many different industries.

Wire Harnesses & Assemblies

Wire harnesses account for 80% of our business. As our core competency, we continuously strive to deliver products of exceptional quality.  We believe in doing things right the first time and therefore, time permitting, we invest  substantial resources prior to production to address documentation review, manufacturing process optimization, first article/batch validation, and training. All of our assemblies are 100% tested, serialized and traceable down to a specific operator, tool and component lot. 

Sub-Assemblies and Box Builds

Building your more complex products to your exact specifications requires a higher level of execution. Although each project is unique, Its success always relies on a well-versed staff and a set of well-established processes. Our highly trained teams are diversified and embody a wealth of knowledge coupled with a unique pride in workmanship that is sure to deliver results.

Manufacturing Process Optimization

Manufacturing Process Optimization is focused on developing and optimizing new or already established processes with a goal to minimize costs and maximize output. It begins with a discovery of customer’s needs based on which a team of highly skilled individuals is assembled. The team analyzes everything from information exchange, to DFM, to delivery, scrutinizing, piloting, and perfecting every function ultimately resulting in maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

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