LACO, Inc. is an electromechanical contract manufacturer that supports OEMs through the production of electromechanical assemblies, complex wire harness assemblies, and much more. We come from humble roots, and we understand the value of trust and professionalism in a business relationship. We would love to discuss your operation and how we can help drive success for your business.



Consider LACO as an extension of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We tailor our manufacturing operation to each OEM customer’s electromechanical assembly needs which, if feasible, may include strategic manufacturing sites within 100 miles of each OEM to facilitate additional services, fast delivery, and increased customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on allocating targeted teams, equipment, and technologies as needed based on the unique needs of our customers.

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A Million Reasons to Partner With LACO

Within a complex electrical system, the final product may have well over a million opportunities to fail. LACO scrutinizes each of these opportunities during our well established process called Manufacturing Process Optimization, ensuring that we identify and eliminate design and manufacturability flaws. What remains is a virtually defect-free product, every time.

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Where Teamwork Meets Results

The capable, diverse, and enthusiastic team at LACO focuses entirely on professionalism, integrity, and results. Each team member clearly understands the direction, goals, and strategies of the projects they work on, and each is empowered to make decisions in the best interests of our customers, employees, and shareholders.

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A Two-Way Street

We know that trust, transparency, and longevity in business relationships requires effort from both sides. We collaborate closely with each of our customers to ensure that we understand their problems, develop innovative solutions to overcome their challenges, communicate effectively, and reliably meet all project needs.

Results Through Technology

As manufacturing trends toward automation, LACO is on the forefront of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. We are deeply focused on the implementation of computer-integrated manufacturing technologies, automated equipment, and the automation of data and information exchange throughout our operations.

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