With over twenty years of experience, LACO is committed to fulfilling your contract manufacturing needs, from simple products to the most complex assemblies. LACO is a full service turnkey provider involved in cable assembly and sub-assembly tailored to meet your specifications.

LACO’s customer base consists of OEM companies found in all parts of today’s technology spectrum. Providing customers with quality products on a quick-turn and competitive basis allows us to remain the preferred choice of countless professional companies in many different industries.

Over the years, LACO has been presented numerous awards, including “Excellence In Technology & Design Support.” Our engineering department is equipped with knowledge and enthusiasm to help our customers overcome unforeseen difficulties. Whether it is a simple solution such as cross-referencing a part or more complex such as building a test fixture or a complete product re-design, LACO is ready to help.

Our Core Competency

More then 80% of our business today consists of Wire Harnesses. They are our core competency and their quality is what sets us apart form our competition. Our continuous effort to better our processes, yields great quality product for our customers and partners.

Box Builds

We have extensive experience in Box Builds and Kits. A natural progression from manufacturing Wire Harnesses, is to make them into Kits, or Sub Assemblies. From there many of our customers take advantage of our capabilities by having Laco build an entire Box.

Computerized Testing

We test a 100% of our Wire Harnesses. Utilizing computerized testing is just another way to keep human error to a minimum.

UltraSonic Wire Welding

UltraSonic Wire Welding technology is utilized to provide the best method of choice in wire splicing. As a cold friction welding, the vibrating energy produces a scrubbing action of wires against one another under a static clamping force. The scrubbing action disperses the surface oxides at the interfaces initially and by the friction produced, the molecules intermingle and diffuse across the surface boundaries, thereby creating a strong metallurgical bond.

Automated Tooling

To keep cost down and quality up, Laco uses automated tooling where ever possible.