The Way We See Quality

Quality is the foundation of LACO. It is what this company was founded on and what makes LACO the preferred vendor to most of our partners. Our efforts are concentrated towards both, high first pass yield, and zero defects to the final product. Over the years we have developed many system controls and implemented numerous procedures, which in turn allow us to produce a high quality product. Some of these implementations include our proprietary computer software, developed right here at LACO. This software not only fills in the gaps of mainstream ERP and MRP systems, but it also eliminates the possibility of human error. It lets us do anything from simple tasks like displaying our up to the millisecond first pass yield information for you right here on the website, or complex W/O, assembler, shipment tracking throughout the production floor.

  • All our documentation is electronic and always up to date. Any change is immediate and effective across the entire plant at the click of a button.
  • All work orders are bar-coded and kitted prior to assembly.
  • Complete traceability of each work order is available, both live and historically.
  • All quality issues are tracked, reviewed and analyzed.
  • With the help of automated tooling Laco’s product meets and exceeds all quality specs.
  • Every part goes through computerized testing and visual quality check before it is professionally packaged and shipped to customers all over the globe.